Not just big boats

Dongara Marine demonstrates its flexibility

In addition to its recent article about current lobster boat building project (click here to read) Baird Maritime has published an article about some of the other fishing vessels we have developed recently.

Read what they had to say below, and if you want to find out more or discuss your own requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Not just big boats – builder demonstrates its flexibility

Western Australian boatbuilder Dongara Marine has released details of two multi-purpose fishing boat offerings it has developed in conjunction with long-term design partner Southerly Designs.

Dongara Marine Managing Director, Rohan Warr, said that while it has become well known for large lobster boats such as Holdfast and Poppa G, it continues to service a wide cross-section of the fishing industry.

“While our most recent cray boats have been around 25 metres long, we are still very active in smaller vessels,” Warr said. “In fact we have recently built two new work boats under 10 metres in length, as well as refitting a 12.5 metre RIB, and have another similar size boat under construction”

Noting that “bigger boats don’t make sense for all operators nor all fisheries”, Warr provided details of two recently conceived smaller commercial fishing boats.

One is a 15.5 metre aluminium monohull that Warr says can be configured for lobster fishing, wetline fishing, or both. With a NSCV measured length of 14.7 metres and beam of 4.8 metres, the single screw design can be powered with a variety of engine makes and models depending on owner’s preferences and requirements.

15.5 metre length overall vessel that can be used as a crayboat, wetliner, or both

“We would expect to power these with engines in the 600 to 800hp range, with options including Caterpillar’s C12 or the MTU Series 60,” he said. “That would give loaded speeds in the 20 to 25 knot range.”

Aside from the overall dimensions, a notable difference between the design and Dongara Marine’s recent lobster boat newbuilds is the single level wheelhouse design.

“We know that some operators – including most in South Australia’s Southern Rock Lobster fishery – prefer not have a flybridge, and of course we are happy to oblige,” Warr said.

“Having such a good working relationship with Southerly Designs greatly helps in that regard.”

A second new design further demonstrates the ability to customise solutions. Based on the same hullform as the vessel currently under construction (see here) it is a raised wheelhouse, single screw lobster and wet line fishing boat.

Designed with live tanks for 78 baskets of lobster, and deck space for 140 cray pots, the 22.4 metre monohull can achieve 24.5 knots with 1600hp (1193kW) from a single D-rated Caterpillar C32 main engine. This contrasts to the twin Scania installation for the boat currently in-build.

Single screw, raised wheelhouse variant of our current build for Dave Perham

Warr notes that the designs are by no means fixed points in a standard product offering. “They are just examples of some of the boats we and Southerly Designs have developed recently. We want to make sure that the industry knows we are interested in, and capable of, producing boats of all sizes and types.

"Ultimately we are guided by the buyer as to what they want and need, and work with them to develop the best solution we possibly can.”

Rohan Warr – Managing Director, Dongara Marine