Roger Webb

Marine Rescue Carnarvon’s new boat from Dongara Marine

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) selected Dongara Marine to build another variant of the initial Cape Rose design in late November 2021, following another round of offers to supply a new Marine Rescue vessel, this time for Carnarvon.

Once completed Marine Rescue Carnarvon’s new RIB was named Roger Webb after a current life member who has volunteered with the unit for 34 years.

Dongara Marine is always seeking improvements in the vessels it builds so several small refinements from the previous vessels were incorporated in addition to the customisations necessary to optimally meet Marine Rescue Carnarvon’s specific requirements. This included a small increase in overall beam to provide additional deck area and even higher stability.

More easily identified are the customisations.

Of these, the addition of a rear bulkhead and doors to provide a full lock-up wheelhouse is the most obvious change compared to Dongara Marine’s previous Marine Rescue RIBs of this size.

Not fitted to Mimosa or Cape Rose but included on the Department of Transport’s PV21, this met Marine Rescue Carnarvon’s need to be able to secure the vessel when unattended.

While fitted engines of the same power as fitted to Mimosa and PV21, the combined 500hp on Roger Webb comes from a pair of Suzuki outboards, making it the third brand fitted to the core design following from Yamahas on Cape Rose and Mimosa and Mercurys on PV21.

This reflects Dongara Marine’s willingness to meet client preferences, including local service and support considerations. It also demonstrates the design’s versatility.

Marine Rescue Carnarvon had specified a preference for Suzuki outboards, which Dongara Marine had no hesitation in accommodating,

A host of other small customisations and refinements, such as fitting electrically operated antenna mounts to enable antennas to be folded up and down without leaving the wheelhouse, were also included.

Western Australia’s Emergency Services Minister Stephen Dawson officially handed over the new vessel to Marine Rescue Carnarvon during a visit to the state’s north- west region in August 2023. Marine Rescue Dampier was officially presented with its 7.0 metre Dongara Marine built RIB Dampier Angel during the same event.

The Carnarvon volunteers are one of 37 Marine Rescue WA groups situated along Western Australia’s coastline from Esperance in the south to Kununurra in the north that are managed and funded through DFES. Another two, in Christmas Island and Cocos (Keeling) Islands, are funded and managed by the Commonwealth.

For more information on Volunteer Marine Rescue Western Australia (VMRWA) visit or its Facebook page.

“From Cyclone Seroja, to the search for Cleo Smith, the volunteers from the Carnarvon SES and Marine Rescue work tirelessly to keep their community safe. These state-of-the-art appliances will help our volunteers get to where they’re needed most.”

Peter Foster - Mining and Pastoral Region MLC


Principal Particulars
Propulsion & Performance
Other Details
Project type
Marine Rescue Carnarvon / Department of Fire and Emergency Services
Vessel Type
Search and rescue
Hull type
Monohull (RIB)
Southerly Designs
Construction materials
Aluminium hull and superstructure
Survey / Class
Length overall
8.4 metres
3.10 metres
0.53 metres
4 additional personnel
500 litres
Fresh water
0 litres
Main engines
2 x Suzuki DF250 outboards
Main engine rating
2 x 186kW
2 x outboards
Maximum speed
40+ knots
Service speed
30 knots
Foam filled D collar
Duralite Trailers