Recreational Vessels

Dongara Marine provides services to all types of recreation water craft from Jet skis to large traditional timber sail yachts.

Below is a list of recent projects completed at Dongara Marine.

Mirage (EX Survey)
Modification date 2012 (Port Denison, Dongara W.A)


In 2012 Luc Longley approached Dongara Marine to convert his cray boat Mirage to a pleasure craft. The key design aspect was to be able to load his 5.6m Naiad onto the aft deck.
This was achieved by cutting out the transom and building a tiered step arrangement with removable rollers.
At the same time the bot undertook a major refit including paintwork, modifications and rewiring.
Mirage can be seen frequenting the bays around Rottnest and the Abrolhos Islands.

ELWAY (EX Survey)
Modification Date 2011 (Port Denison, Dongara W.A)


In 2011 Wayne Bailey delivered his cray boat Elway to Dongara Marine for a major refit to begin its new life as his personal pleasure boat.
The wheelhouse was extended by 2m and the entire internal was gutted and redesigned. Once again the boat was rewired and repainted and doors installed on the transom to accommodate a dinghy. The end result was a very practical boat that was finished to an extremely high standard.
Elway now spends her time fishing and pulling pots around the Abrolhos Islands.

HERO (EX Survey)
Launch Date 1983 (Port Denison, Dongara W.A)


The Original Southerly Design. Built in 1983 by John and Beth Fitzhardinge Hero is the original Southerly Design with a flared bow and warped bottom.
Hero operated in the demanding Western Australian Rock Lobster fishery and spent many tens of thousands of hours in operation.

THERA (Sail)
Modification date 2000 (Port Denison, Dongara W.A)



In 2000 John Fitzhardinge found Thera (a yacht his father sailed) in a state of disrepair in East Fremantle. The vessel was purchased and delivered to Dongara Marine as a project to rebuild.