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“Maitland” Refit

“Maitland” Refit

Fishing Vessel Maitland entered Dongara Marine for birthday and she was well rewarded after 23years of service.

Then Vessel is a westcoaster 65′ and fitted into the Dongara Marine shed like a glove, being a FRP hull she was fully sanded back and repaired where required.

All the Staff at Dongara Marine were impressed by the shear magnitude of paint preparation involved on a vessel of this size, and the final results speak for themselves.

It was a pleasure working with Craig and Peter on there “There Great looking Girl” which is now ready for crayfish action along the Midwest coast.

Relaunch Dec 2016



Dongara Marine Pride !

Dongara Marine Pride !!!

“TAMALA ROSE” (VMR Shark Bay) Complete

“Tamala Rose”


VMR Vessel Refit Completed  !!!

Dongara Marine enjoyed working with Shark Bay VMR Team during the Refit of this great looking vessel.

The vessel went through the following refit and is now saving lives along the Midwest Regional Coastline.

Complete Exterior repaint

New Interior Seating

New Nav & Electronic Package

See you Next time !!  Matt Lee


Photo: Shark Bay VMR